Send Judah First


Send Judah First is comprised of a group of people who love God and have a heart for worship. We long to see God’s people be able to enter into His presence. We understand that our role as the modern day Levite is to lead the way, show others how to enter in, prepare the way for the glory of God to be manifested in our midst, as well as encourage the congregation to not just be spectators of the worship experience, but participators.

We minister during the annual USAC convocation for the mid-day and evening services, as well as at the March Leaders and Workers Meeting. Send Judah First also has a youth component that ministers in each of the Youth Services. Every member of the team serves within their local church, as well as in their district.


However, Send Judah First also has members who serve behind the scenes in administrative and technical positions. One such area is the Visual Song Engineer, who operates the worship presentation software and projects the lyrics of the songs onto the screen. Whether you serve out front on the worship team or behind the scenes in administration or as a VSE, everyone is vitally important to the team and together we are able to minister with excellence.

Because we endeavor to worship God with excellence, we are requesting that all who desire to be participants with Send Judah First fill out the Ministry Recommendation Form. This form allows us to ensure that you are actively involved in your local Church and Jurisdictional music ministries. It also serves to let us know that you are a person of integrity who can be trusted to stand before the people of God and minister unto the Lord. Along with the form, a short typewritten biographical sketch is required, which includes your name, address and contact information. Within this sketch, we are asking that you list length of activity and service within the local Church and Jurisdiction. 

Would you like to be apart of this ministry?