Office of the Dean



Department of Education



Greetings and welcome to USAC Holy Convocation. We have eagerly been awaiting your arrival to tell you, let the revolution began! These are truly exciting times to be alive. The Lord is blessing in every way. The promise of God is being fulfilled in the lives of the Saints. The revolution has begun in the First Jurisdiction of Louisiana.


The ministry is transitioning to a place where every need in the church shall be met. It is our endeavor to supply you with key training material to help you revitalize your work. The speakers have been challenged to be gladiators, holding nothing back. They are prepared to bring you the essence of the gospel.


I ask that you join me in praying that God will get the glory out of this revolution.

Viva la Revolution!



In His Service,

Alton E. Gatlin

Bishop Alton E. Gatlin, Dean of Training

Jurisdictional Assistant Bishop

Prelate, Trinidad & Tobago Jurisdiction

International Sunday School Superintendent

Church of God in Christ, Inc.